Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Full time kindergarten

Apparently, schools today expect kindergarten to gear toward much older and mature children.  Kids do not come out of kindergarten as adults, and they will not be adults for a long time.  So, why is the only kindergarten we can afford a full day kindergarten?  My 5-6 year old does not need to keep full time hours and full days.  She is a CHILD!  So, just because I cannot afford a private school, I have to send her to full time kindergarten.  Why is the cheaper school longer hours?  The students that come out of private schools do fine on half day kindergarten, so why does public school force a whole day kindergarten on students?  Are private schools really that much better that they can teach the same curriculum in half the time?

Enough of my ranting.  We are enjoying our summer and hope you are, too!