Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick Days

The kids have colds on and off all through the winter.  It's just this time of year.  We all know that right?  Well, when my daughter had the flu a few weeks ago, she got to drink 7-up, which is completely unusual because she NEVER gets pop.  So, she is convinced that sick girls get pop, and everybody who drinks pop is sick.  

So, today, when I was the one not feeling well, she had to mimic me and how I was feeling.  She did this for only one reason - soda pop.  She was behaving really well, and being nice to her brother because she was convinced that somebody was sick, therefore, she should get pop.  

Kind of hard to convince the kid she only gets pop when SHE is sick.  Is it a bad thing she now wants to be sick, so she can get pop?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Be or Not To Be - like the Cat?

This morning, my son who is in the age of discovery noticed that the cat was, in fact, licking himself.  Now, Nathan has no idea why the cat licks himself, just that it looks like a good time.  So, using his ever-exploring brain, he decided to lick the cat as well.  When I told him not to lick the cat (yes, I had to tell my child not to lick the cat), he promptly proceeded to lick me.  Not understanding when I told him not to lick me, that was gross, he went through the toy box, licking every interesting toy he felt like.

So, at such a young age, how do you explain to a child not to lick things, but the cat licks himself to stay clean.  However, I did not tell him that was WHY the cat licks himself, because I do not want Nathan licking himself in the bathtub...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night

I went on a date tonight, yes, a date, with my husband.  Yes, I know, it is a novel concept, but we actually (finally) went on a date.  It was nice - dinner and a movie - nothing unusual, but nice.  Sadly, with the kids and crazy schedules, this does not happen much.  I highly recommend spending time together without kids.  

We went to see "No Strings Attached."  It was a cute movie, nothing unexpected or original, but it was cute.  A few laughs here and there, but a feel-good nice movie.

That brings me to wonder what cheap ideas for dates anybody has to suggest.  Please comment with such ideas, and we will have to try them out.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Almond Milk

I have recently embarked on this self-empowerment, rediscovering me voyage, and a big part of this journey is me losing a lot of weight to be similar to where I was before I got married and had kids.  So, instead of "dieting," I am attempting to make better choices of food.  Not necessarily eating healthy, just "healthier."  This has lead me to trying new foods that I have never tried before.
Almond milk, yes, almond milk.  I use soy milk often (the kids and I both use it), but I found almond milk recently in the grocery store and decided to try it.  It's not bad if you want everything you eat or drink to taste like almonds.  Shocking that almond milk would taste like almonds, huh?  Anyway, it has brought the question to my mind of, "Am I really wanting experiment enough to try something called Almond Milk?"  

Yes, yes, I am.  Bring it on!  So, please leave suggestions of other recipes/foods I should try.  I will try anything suggested and let you all know how it goes!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

My daughter, who is three years old, was put into preschool at two because she was EXTREMELY shy and disliked being talked to by strangers, etc.  This year, in the conference I had today with her teacher, her teacher tells me she regularly has to tell Emersen she needs to be quiet and save her comments until the story they are reading is over.  She has used the "zip the lips game."  Really?  My little child who was so far in her shell she would cry when talked to directly by people she does not know, now is the chatty one in class?

At what point is it inappropriate to wish she would go back in her shell just an inch or two?

And what is her brother going to be like, if she is the chatty one?  Usually, he is the one who never stops talking (even though he does not speak English - rather a baby language of some sort).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Battle of Wills

So, the battle of wills has begun.  My three year old, who may be a little strong willed, has decided she is only going to come to the table on her own terms.  So, today at lunch, we turn the tv off and remove the toys, and I very calmly give her the choice to go eat or sit in a time out until she decides to eat.  She chooses time out.  

As I'm feeding her brother, I see her keeping her legs on her time out chair, reaching for a toy.  I take the toy away.  She reaches for another one, very careful to not get off her seat, so she does not get in trouble for that.  Then, I check on her, and she is holding her stomach, so I ask her what she is doing.  Her response to me is, "I'm hiding a block under my shirt, so you don't see it."

The battle of wills has begun.

Please, do not worry, she soon realized she was hungry and came to the table, and we had a very pleasant lunch.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to Organized Mayhem

I am a mother of two kids - I have a three and a half year old girl and a one and a half year old boy.  I am starting this blog as a way to broadcast my efforts to organize the chaos which is my life.  I am a stay at home mom who needs to make over my life in the kind of world that we live in.

In this blog, I would like any opinions and comments/criticism/advice available.  In fact, I welcome any encouragement and advice anyone can give about raising kids while keeping order in the home.  So, please, comment as freely as you like!

For instance, today, when I went to get my son out of bed from his morning nap (which he refused to take and spent his time jumping up and down in his crib), I began to wonder when it is too soon to begin potty training?  Is his little habit of taking his clothes off in bed a sign he's ready to potty train, or is he merely bored and easily entertained? 

I look forward to help and advice as we embark on this journey together!