Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Battle of Wills

So, the battle of wills has begun.  My three year old, who may be a little strong willed, has decided she is only going to come to the table on her own terms.  So, today at lunch, we turn the tv off and remove the toys, and I very calmly give her the choice to go eat or sit in a time out until she decides to eat.  She chooses time out.  

As I'm feeding her brother, I see her keeping her legs on her time out chair, reaching for a toy.  I take the toy away.  She reaches for another one, very careful to not get off her seat, so she does not get in trouble for that.  Then, I check on her, and she is holding her stomach, so I ask her what she is doing.  Her response to me is, "I'm hiding a block under my shirt, so you don't see it."

The battle of wills has begun.

Please, do not worry, she soon realized she was hungry and came to the table, and we had a very pleasant lunch.

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