Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night

I went on a date tonight, yes, a date, with my husband.  Yes, I know, it is a novel concept, but we actually (finally) went on a date.  It was nice - dinner and a movie - nothing unusual, but nice.  Sadly, with the kids and crazy schedules, this does not happen much.  I highly recommend spending time together without kids.  

We went to see "No Strings Attached."  It was a cute movie, nothing unexpected or original, but it was cute.  A few laughs here and there, but a feel-good nice movie.

That brings me to wonder what cheap ideas for dates anybody has to suggest.  Please comment with such ideas, and we will have to try them out.


  1. Dinner and Ice skating...I did this recently. After renting the skates the whole date including dinner cost about $45.

  2. Sounds interesting, where did you go ice skating?

  3. I went to Patterson Ice Rink. I also live in Michigan. Your best bet is to google/yellow page Ice Rinks to find 1 nearest to you.