Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The past few months, I have been working a number of jobs.  My mother and husband have been helping with the kids while I keep up with all the schedules, etc.  The other day, I was did not have to work, so I was putting Mischief's hair up in her ponytail.  She says to me, "I miss your ponytails!"  Poor thing.  She really knows how to pull at my heart strings. 

UPDATE:  Mayhem had another swim class today.  I have been working twice a week with him outside of class, and today went a lot better.  We still have a long way to go, but at least we didn't have any tears today!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mischief!

Yesterday, my little girl turned 6!  She was so cute and so excited it was her birthday, but she woke up and said, "I haven't grown at all.  Two days ago, when I measured myself, I was almost as tall as a six year old!" 

I subbed at her school yesterday, since she thought it was really cool that I was in her school on her birthday.  Also, I was in the same hall as her, as I was teaching a kindergarten class.  To add to my "why I could never be a teacher list," the teacher I was subbing for, definitely has a puke bucket!  If the kid doesn't feel well, they are to carry around a puke bucket until they feel better or puke!  I had kids begging for the puke bucket!  Gross!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Swim Class Drop-out

Today was Mayhem's first day of swimming lessons.  His sister has been taking swimming lessons for over a year, and she truly loves and enjoys them.  In fact, we use them as a reward for her good behavior at home and school.  Mayhem decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to take swimming lessons. 

Mayhem has been telling me all week how brave he is going to be, jump off the wall, go under water, etc.  Today, he got in the water, his feet didn't touch, and he FREAKED out!!!  Hysterical screaming and crying for a half hour! He announced to everybody that he was scared he was going to sink :(  Poor kiddo.  Now, I must spend hours in the pool breaking him of this...  before he becomes the next swim school drop-out!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weather report

And, spring break is over.  Boo.  I enjoy actually being able to spend time with the kids.  It's no fun having the five year old at school all day long!  We are definitely looking to summer around here! 

Along with spring and summer, thunderstorm season approaches, too!  So far, we have made it through March with nothing more than a big snow storm, so now we are in desperate need of rain. There is supposed to be spring mud, and we have spring cracked ground.  There are thunderstorms predicted for this week, and the kids discussed it at school.

Mischief came home from school all excited that there was going to be a big, giant rain storm.  And, in this rain storm, there is going to be big, giant lightning and flashes of light, and really, really loud thunder.  Most importantly, she is predicting rain storms because she wants the lights to go out, so she gets to have a candle in her room when she goes to sleep.  When I told her it might not rain until after she went to sleep, she almost cried, and then, she argued with me because, "My teacher said!" 

So, now we have to turn off all the lights and read our Magic Tree House book by candlelight!