Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday, Daddy celebrated his 30th birthday, even though he does not want to admit it.  The kids are always excited about birthdays because they get to make and eat cake.  They also love giving presents, which is good because they do not get mad when other people get presents.  They do, however, have to help people open the presents they have given them.

When Mischief and Mayhem gave Daddy their gifts, they each carried a gift bag out into the kitchen and said, "Happy Birthday, Daddy."  Although, Mayhem pretty well summed it up when his phrasing and pronunciation comes out, "Happy Poopy, Daddy!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hard at Work

When the kids are let loose outside, it is amazing to see what can happen and how deaf they go.  Obviously, they must be deaf, since they neither one listen to a word I am saying, since they run as fast as they can, squealing, and completely ignore me!

A couple of days ago, we went to Jackson's house and they played outside and went nuts!  Since Jackson lives in the country, they did not have to be told to stay out of the street, etc.  All of the annoying 'city' rules are out the window, and they can just run.  I believe we need to move to the country...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tackle Dummy

Have you ever played with a tackle dummy before?  I have not, but my kids certainly do!  Mischief and Mayhem have a current favorite past time of tackling each other.  That is it, just tackling and laying on top of each other.  They take turns and seem to love it!  Oh dear, I hope this is just a phase...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Late Spring Cleaning

I decided, today, that it was necessary to clean the garage out, so I can park my car in there this fall.  I am rather tired of hickory nuts denting my car every autumn, so it is time to park it in the garage!  However, on this expansive project, I had two little helpers!  Of course, you cannot breathe without help from the kids!

Let me just say that after several hours of the kids finding toys (or bicycle pumps they think are toys), me breaking up fights over said toys, and Mayhem lining up a case of water bottles individually to make a barrier from me getting out of the garage, our day ended with Mischief saying, "it's ok if I get dirty and touch dirty stuff!  Touch, touch, touch, touch, oh, look at me, I'm GETTIN' dirty!"

It has been a long (yet productive) day...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Today was vaccination day!  Oh, what a joyous day in my house!  I had not mentioned anything to Mischief about her shots, and she was talking about the ones she got last fall last night!  So, this morning, when I asked her if she would go along to get Mayhem's shots and keep him brave, she started crying!

So, when the time came, she was not happy at all!  Mayhem never flinched, and I gave him a sucker so he would sit through her shots.  He never fussed at all!  Mischief, on the other hand, cried before, during, and after her "pokes."  She calls them pokes, and has talked non-stop about them today. 

Mainly, nurse Mommy was not supposed to let her get pokes, and now she needs a better nurse to take care of her pokes!  I feel appreciated...