Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Nurse

Mischief woke me up at 4:30 this morning asking me to bring her paper towels because she had made a mess like the cats do.  Now, in my hazy eyes, I was not sure what this meant, until I got into her room.... She had gotten sick to her stomach and made a mess, so she was asking for paper towels to clean it up.  She was comparing herself to the cats that throw up on the floor!

On our way to the couch that I covered with towels to finish the rest of the night in the living room (because I was bleaching her sheets), she asks me, "Mommy, I'm really sick, so I cannot be my own nurse.  I need a good nurse to take care of me.  Who in the world is going to take care of me?"

I responded, "I will sweetie.  I'll take care of you and be your nurse."  Mischief questions,"well, I was a good nurse for Daddy, so I need a good nurse.  Are you really a good nurse, Mommy, or do I need to find a good one?"

Really?  I think my nursing degree from a prestigious school qualifies me as a good nurse with a kid who has the flu....  But only if she deems me a good nurse!

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