Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long time no see

Hello all.  I apologize for the absence of my posts, as things have been a little crazy at my house.  We have been dealing with all of the winter illnesses, the spring grass/plants coming on, the early arrival of bugs, and (most importantly) our newest addition to our family.

In December, we got a new puppy!  I had her named Chesney, so we would have a Paisley and Chesney, but the kids started calling her Charkie.  Now, for all of you who are unaware, the mischievous/ trouble making dog in the Curious George television show is named Charkie.  So, in my effort not to confuse the poor, poor puppy, we named her Charkie.

Now, Charkie is six months old and has figured out how to remove Mischief's socks as she is putting them on!  This causes a lot of squealing and screaming on the part of the kids, so the puppy is pretty sure this is the best game ever.  Bring on those socks!  Charkie and Paisley get along very, very well.  Charkie is either making Paisley feel her age, or keeping Paisley young, one or the other!

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