Monday, August 27, 2012

Homework Overload

After much confusion with Mischief's school not having any idea what is going on, we ended up in all day kindergarten.  I gave Mischief the choice whether she wanted to stay for the fun classes in the afternoon, and she decided to stay all day, after she spent the first week going to half days.

Then, the kids get into the swing of school, and I have no idea how we, at home, are supposed to get all of the work done.  For example, we got a note from the teacher that the homework will start next week, but we have had work to do every day!  We were informed today that we are supposed to let the kids on the computer at home to do the assignments they have for the computer program through school.  However, Mischief cannot even log in because the school has her name spelled wrong, even after I have told them the correct way to spell it several times.  When I asked her about the computer work, she simply burst out into tears saying she will never learn how to log in!

Somehow, I do not think this is ok to put the children through stress like this, when it is completely unnecessary for them to have homework every night before homework even starts!  When are the kids supposed to get to play, or run around, or have fun when all they have to do is work to keep up with what is being taught in school?  Why am I sending my five year old to all day kindergarten when we still have to come home and do homework?

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