Monday, January 28, 2013

The Boxcar Children

The kids and I read a lot of books together.  You know, the classics.  Amelia Bedelia, Curious George, Clifford, and any of the "I Can Read Books."  For Christmas, Mischief was given the first of the Boxcar Children.  Now, need I remind you, Mischief is only five years old, and she is in kindergarten, but she has a love for books.

I always loved the Boxcar Children, when I was a kid.  I am pretty sure I read all 100+ books in the series.  So, now, we have read our first Boxcar Children book, and Mischief loved it!  I am so excited.  I read a page, and she reads a sentence or two, and we read the entire book this way.  She did so well with it, too, as far as comprehending the story, reading the words, and answering questions about the story.  I

I am SOOO very excited about the fact that she likes all the same books I did when I was little.  And, to top off my night, Mischief composed a song to sing to me at bedtime.  She titled it "Mommy is the best and she loves me."  Sometimes, there are perks to this never ending job!

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