Monday, April 4, 2011

Heavy Weight

I believe I am raising a heavy weight champion in my household.  As Mayhem gets older, he certainly lives up to his name.  My children fight and argue as most siblings do, but they get along well for the most part.  Today, however, is one of those days.

Today, Mayhem has learned a new trick that works efficiently, and his sister cannot smack him for it.  As he is getting bigger, and weighs within five pounds of what his sister does, Mayhem has learned to squash her.  Not just squash her, but sit on her and lean back, completely pinning her to the ground.  And, if she resists, he puts his feet on her hair.  Yes, her hair.  So much so, I had to take strands of hair out from between his toes.

This is a quite efficient way of controlling his sister if Mischief gets out of line!  You will have to come see Heavy Weight wrestle when he is older.

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