Friday, May 20, 2011

Nurse Mischief

We currently have a gimp sitting around the living room.  My husband has fallen and broken his knee cap.  Yes, his knee cap.  Do not ask me how, as it has something to do with a smooth, flat parking lot and his inability to walk.  

However, Mischief has taken it upon herself to take care of Daddy.  She gets things for him, helps him with his work, and instructs him on how to walk.  She straightens her leg, sticks it out in front of her, and says, "See Daddy?  If you don't straighten your leg when you walk, you'll hurt your muscles.  See Daddy?  Just like I'm doing now, bend and straight, bend and straight.  Straighten your leg when you walk!"

I believe we have a nurse in the making!

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