Friday, May 3, 2013

Farm Field Trip

Today was Mischief's field trip to the farm.  There was mass chaos while the FFA students from some area high schools put on a farm visitation for hundreds of elementary students yesterday and today.  They tried to have it down to a science, but they managed to take too long and not all the kids got to do all the stations.  But, the kids had fun anyway.  They got to milk the fake cow, pet animals, learn about candling eggs, etc.  The class took a group picture, and one of the kids in my group had his hands down his pants "scratching his leg."  Then we had a girl who saw the other kids sleeping on the bus and thought it was cool, so she pretended to sleep and not wake up!  It's always interesting what you're going to get into when you attempt to do anything with kids...

Wheat penny  hunt

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