Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Just in Case You Ever Wonder"

You all know we read a LOT of books.  And, by a lot, I mean, a lot of books!  We have a double book case full of books just for the kids.  The number of books we have is a little absurd.  It is especially absurd, because the kids know the story line of almost every book on the shelf, except for the new ones they just got for their birthdays!

Anyway, the kids brought me a book tonight called Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado.  Max Lucado books are all Christian fiction books.  They are very heavy Christian based story books.  This one is a nice board book, which is very sentimental about no matter what, parents will always love their children, just in case the children ever wonder.

One quote in the book says, "If your grades are bad and your teacher is mad, come to me.... 'cause I love you.  And I always will, just in case you ever wonder."  Most children would get a nice warm feeling about the love of a parent, but Mischief is not most children.  She promptly got all huffy with me and says, "My grades aren't bad, and they won't be.  So, we don't even have to worry about that!"

Guess she's never really wondered...

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