Sunday, May 12, 2013

Safety Village

One of the field trips the kindergarten class takes is to Safety Village which is a small, child sized village made to teach children safety practices and run by the fire department and police department.  In the older classes, the kids learn how to escape a house filled with smoke in the case of a fire.  Kindergarten is taught how to be responsible pedestrians and what it is to be a pedestrian.  The officer in charge has been doing this for 28 years and the kids sure seem to get along well with her.

After the kids learned the responsibilities of being a pedestrian and how to be safe, they got to practice it with imaginary cars.  Then, the kids got to drive peg perego cars and 4-wheelers around the village.  Mischief realized she is NOT a fan of motorized bikes!!!  She was very concerned, kept getting hit by the kid behind her, bumped into the kid in front of her and got yelled at by the little brat, and burst into tears!  Poor thing didn't have any fun driving, but she was super cute doing it.

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