Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rooster Wrangler

Today, Mischief's 4-H club took the llamas and the rooster to the park for the kids' day at the park and to a nursing home.  We have been going to this same nursing home for roughly 15 years, so it's important to keep up with tradition.  Now, Mischief is too young to handle a llama in public or without help, so the mini 4-H'ers do not get to take the llamas anywhere except for their little show in July.  Therefore, we take the resident rooster, Elvis.  Elvis is the holding chicken, and Mischief loves to be his rooster wrangler.  She likes to hold him, carry him around, and ask people if they want to pet her rooster.  She is so stinking cute.  Pretty much the cutest rooster wrangler I've EVER seen.  I'm not sure who the residents like more - Elvis or his wrangler!

Simply a perfect couple!

Even when she set him down because her arms were going to fall off, she had to stay right next to him the whole day!

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