Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

My three year old goes to preschool, and loves it.  Frankly, the world revolves around her school days, even though it is only two half days a week.  Well, she knows that on Tuesday and Thursday, she goes to school.  So, knowing today is Tuesday, she was a bit irate when she was told she was not going to school today because it was closed because of all the snow.

Now, in the mind of a three year old, who may not know that her teacher does not live at school, she was a bit upset.  She went on and on about how there is a school, and the snow cannot bury the school, etc, etc.  Does the snow pack up the school and take it someplace else?  Does the snow bury the school and turn it into homes for polar bears? Oh the questions I got asked today...

So, I am interested in any activities for days we are snowed in, after the kids get bored being locked inside.

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